Laura explores Vienna

I was lucky enough to visit the city of Vienna in November this year with Kirker Holidays staying at two five-star hotels namely Hotel Bristol and Hotel Imperial.

Both hotels are very centrally located and within five minutes’ walk of each other. The beauty of Vienna as a city break is that everything is located within easy reach either by walking or even taking the trams. It is an easy city to find your way around.

The Christmas markets were the first stop on arrival. It was the first day of opening and such a range of fantastic items were available to purchase including handmade decorations such as baubles and candles. A must do is sampling the mulled wine and generally just soaking up the atmosphere – this will definitely get you in the Christmas mood!

A tour of the Spanish Riding School is certainly something I would recommend if you are a horse lover or even if you’re not! There are three ways to experience the school: the full performance, the tour and the morning exercises.

Whilst the full performance is clearly the star of the show, many like to also witness the less structured morning exercises. Just like any other athletes, the stallions and their riders practice a wide variety of exercises every day, so you’re always guaranteed some variety. The luckiest viewers will be able to see some of the most advanced movements performed. The tour is a perfect choice if you like something more structured and focused on the amazing history of the institution as this tour offers an in¬-depth look at the 450 years of history the school.

Next on the list was Schoenbrunn Palace. The Palace itself is quite mesmerizing as you walk in each room as they are all so different in style and colour. It’s a good idea to take your time to enjoy the palace without rushing and to also visit the beautiful gardens and Orangerie during your visit.

The beautiful views of Vienna at the top of the hill made the walk up to the top worth it!

I was also lucky enough to attend a Strauss & Mozart concert at the Kursalon Hubner which was a wonderful evening of music, singing and dance. It’s a great venue with a very grand balcony area where you can enjoy drinks during the intermission.

Another interesting location I visited was the dazzling Belvedere Palace which is now home to the greatest collection of Austrian art from the Middle Ages to modernity. Additionally, the museum features the largest compilation of Gustav Klimt’s paintings, with 24 works ranging from his portraits to his landscapes the most significant piece being the world-famous ‘The Kiss’ painted in 1907.

Vienna State Opera

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