Business Travel

Why do I need the services of a Business Travel Agent when I can book my own flight on the Internet?

This is a question that you will no doubt ask, however with so many airlines and different fares and rules, how can you ensure you are getting the best fare and requirements for your specific journey.

We have the latest technology and our wealth of experience means we can do all of this for you in a competitive way, as we know how to get the best prices for your travel arrangements. Our full travel concierge means that we can book flights, hotels, car hire and give full Passport and Visa advice for your journey.

We hold full ABTA and IATA membership, giving security to our clients, and we also offer an out of hours contact number just in case an emergency should arise whilst you are away.

For many years we have been privileged enough to have leading companies within the beauty industry and medical professions as our clients, but we love working with companies of all sizes and we can work closely with you regardless of your location in the UK.

Why not speak to us at Ashdown Travel and see if we can help you with your business travel needs? We would love to take the headache of your corporate travel arrangements away.

For more information please contact James Metcalf:

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