Holiday Inspiration

Want some holiday inspiration?

Why not enjoy a long weekend in vibrant city….visit a Christmas Market.…see some stunning waterfalls….a ski trip short or long….learn some new skills at a cookery school….be romantic on the Orient Express….snorkel in a warm sea….explore Lapland with a team or husky’s….relax at a country spa retreat…indulge your inner child at Disneyland….go somewhere off the beaten track….have a quick break close to home…. These are just a few suggestions of what we can offer you if you are stuck for some ideas.

We have almost endless suggestions for travel experiences and for animal encounters outside South Africa then we will be delighted to assist. Why not take a cruise around the Galapagos Islands or get up close and personal with the Proboscis Monkeys in Borneo?

Whatever your time scales and budgets please give us a call.